Awake in Mexico Awake in Mexico


I'm like a kid. It's like I've been waiting for Xmas to open my presents. I've not slept for 3 days. My head is swimming with delirious excitement in anticipation of what's to come.

 On the plane to LA I didn't sleep a wink. Watched a lot of shitty movies. If you want , I'll tell you how they end. Shitty!

From LA to Mexico City I also couldn't sleep and just peered from my window seat across vast desert wastelands and "rugged mountain ranges", ( they have them in mexico too ), wondering if from my vantage point I could catch a glimpse of some nefarious drug related cartel activities in progress down below.

It was dusk when I finally arrived. The minute I got to my hotel I showered, got dressed and crossed the street to my Taco Oasis which sits in the midst of a cacophony of music blaring from Music shops and honking cars in this Mexican market of madness. I ate seven and downed them with a bottle of "BOING" mango juice. The Taco master's name is Rigoberto. I introduced myself and told him that I'm in the process of making him famous

In Australia and wherever I get a chance to champion his unique talent in my travels to whoever needs to know about the Taco treasures I've discovered.

After that, I went for a little walk till about 8 o'clock to soak in some more life then came back to my room to sleep. Slept till 11.30 pm. Great! I don't think I'll sleep. I'm too excited about my life. So I'll play my guitar and write a little. 

Its now 2.54 a.m. Can't wait for my first coffee and breakfast. 

Can you eat Tacos for breakfast?

Speak Soon.