Today is Sunday the 19th of January and on Friday another of my dreams came true.

I finished recording two of my compositions here in L'habana with my band FRENTE CALIENTE. The engineer's name is Ramon de la Paz Obregon, Percussion - Fabian Sirgado, Flute - Haydee Soul, Double Bass - Randolph Chacon Paz, Tres - Coto, Guitar - Me. The songs sound great, better than great, and I documented the whole experience on film. And guess what; all the musos turned up on time! I've made history.

Upon finally leaving the studio, after a day of finessing and mixing, Coto and I were both exhausted and elated. 

Coto said to me,

"Georgito, we've realised a dream, WOW!!! From a chance meeting late one rainy night in a dark shop front entrance in Obispo to now. WOW.! Gracias a dios! In Australia they know you as a Comedian. Here in L'habana we know you as an Auteur and musician. " 

And then he hugged and kissed me. We caught a car home. 

I hope I can get a publishing and / or record deal with this stuff back home or anywhere. It's a Latino/ Cuban sound. Great for a a film soundtrack too I think. Who knows ! 

When I arrived home, Martin one of the tourists from Switzerland, a Cuban music fanatic who is also staying at Neida's house, eagerly awaited me and asked if he could hear the songs. We put the cd on his computer and he downloaded the files onto his iPod. He was the first to hear my stuff and he's the first to have a Bootleg copy too.

The previous night, Martin and I had planned to go out to a concert but I was drained and decided to stay in and chill. I made myself some sandwiches, ate voraciously and also drank lots of water and some Ron. 

It was curiously chilly that night and at about 11p.m I walked round the corner to visit Marcia at the little cafe particular where she works from 5p.m to 5a.m.

I bought some sweet Mani to take home, chatted and joked for a while. Marcia told me that they had some liver, which I love, and that I should drop by tomorrow to have some early in the day when it's much fresher. I felt weak and thought that I should eat some now, to give me strength and asked her for  some right then. She gave me a look and said, "Georgito, its better in the morning. " 

But I said, I can't wait.  I told her to forget the rice and just to give me the liver with lots of onion. After devouring the plate I bought a small container of chocolate ice cream, walked home and ate the whole thing. Then I hit the sack.

At 2a.m I awoke with dastardly, painful stomach cramps. Take it from me. Liver, onions and chocolate ice cream are apparently not a good mix. Who knew? Between 2 and 10 a.m I visited the bathroom about 10 times.  After getting to know eachother and feel comfortable together we made friends. I nearly ran out of toilet paper. The cramps were absurd. Every muscle in my body was wracked with pain. It felt like worms were crawling under my skin. Yuckissimo. At about 8.30a.m Maribel arrived for her daily housework. I called out to her to come and help me. She made me some peppermint tea and brought me a couple of little red tablets, said that a Spanish tourist, a doctor had just moved in and he'd given her the tablets to take to me. Lucky huh?

I fell asleep and finally got out of bed at 12p.m, feeling so much better and relieved, I showered shaved and dressed. But my ass really hurt like I'd been gang banged in a Cuban prison by bored, big black men with no hobbies and nothing better to do or probed by tiny, greenish, Aliens from Uranus with broomsticks wrapped in course sandpaper and short on Vaseline.

Last night I relaxed at home and chatted with Martin, then went to bed at 8.30.

I didn't and still haven't eaten a thing since the day before yesterday. Thought I'd be nice to myself, give my system a break and properly cleanse and rejuvenate. All I've had is bubbly mineral water and lemonade. I feel great and clear minded. I should fast more often. 

What I'd really like now, is some chicken soup ! 



FRENTE CALIENTE ...the percussion player,far left, Alfredo never showed up for record,,so we used Fabian instead...,lucky...Fabian was a genius . Haydee, Coto, Randolpho, George.


happy Coto


Over the moon george 


fine ears. Ramon ...the sound engineer.


Fabian ..percussion magic


some Santeria in the laundry/ kitchen area


Coto and me.


Haydee ...Flautista angelica.