It's a curious thing that here in Cuba from the moment I first came here, from the minute I stepped out of the airport, all doors opened for me. And every step I've taken has led me to something better. Luck has been my lady. 

Psychologist say that within the first 4 years of your life,  all that you are and ever will be, subconsciously, is formed. And so I figure that because I was born here and spent my formative years here that it's the reason why " the universe is conspiring with my subconscious, and every thing in my life is now synchronised. Even when I momentarily think that something has gone wrong or I've made a mistake, something fortuitous evolves for me, just as it once did for my father when he lived here. The right place, the right time. Every thing feels serendipitous. It's like I'm living in a house with good Feng Shui. And I feel comfortable in my own skin.  

Perhaps this is why ever since I've been here my intake of insulin, (I'm a type one diabetic), has been a quarter of what I need in Australia. Sometimes it's even less.

And I eat like a horse. I've told my GP back in Byron Bay about this and she was intrigued.

She quipped that she would love to come to Cuba with me and do a study on the phenomena.

What would she call her thesis?... " DOES HAPPINESS MAKE YOU HEALTHY? ".

I told her that last year I contacted the head of Marketing at Diabetes Australia and pitched an informative and, I believe, unique advertising campaign with a twist that would greatly benefit diabetics, young and old. I spoke to this " genius " for about 15 minutes on the phone! I sent her my CV and advertising credentials. ( I've won a few advertising awards for other commercials I've written for Advertising companies.) I gently stressed that this campaign also addresses the fact that diabetes is virulent and out of control amongst the indigenous communities of Australia. She said that she'd talk to her people and get back to me. I'm still waiting. She's probably been too busy watching BIGGEST LOSER or BIG BROTHER or BIG BANG THEORY. ......or BIG FUCK KNOWS WHAT ?!!!

Yes I'm a little peeved because I'm a diabetic and when I see how Diabetes Australia markets Diabetes Awareness I believe they're going about it arse up. It's a joke. And the solution is simple and I've got the solution. But that's Australia for you, apathetic and disingenuous. The world is dumbing down, down, down and Australia leads the way. 

Speaking of Diabetes ; Yesterday I ate the best sugar coated Churos I've ever had. 50 cents for 6 long sticks. They fry it in large urns here right in front of you, in the street. People wait in cues to buy it. I waited in cue. Me? A cue? Go figure!

Then I had one that was infused with condensed milk. 

I've also become a freshly roasted peanut addict. That sounds weird, like as if I'm a freshly roasted peanut. 

I also met up with a friend who is a painter. We popped into the national art gallery, sat on the ornate Spanish balcony which looks out over la Capitol of Havana, sipped Mojitos in the warm afternoon sun and swapped tales. The Art gallery restaurant was gigantic, with a ceiling about 10 metres high, and empty except for us and a maitre-de. Our voices echoed as we spoke. The Maitre De, a tiny man of about 70 welcomed us. Hospitality was his pride and he made us feel as if we had come to visit him in his home. He even shouted us a drink. I guess he was glad to have some human company that day.

Here in Cuba, when you use a public toilet in a restaurant, cafe, club, or art gallery for instance you pay a small token amount to a lady that sits outside. She's the Toilet Lady.

Even for just a wee. I guess that's why bottled water is so cheap to buy pay on the roundabout. 

She makes sure that it's always clean. She gives you toilet paper if you've not already got some  on you. If you ever come here, don't make the mistake of presuming that toilets have toilet paper. They don't. You have to use your own or first calculate how many sheets you need and then pay a toll for a few sheets from the Toilet Troll Door bitch who guards the much coveted Toilet. Other wise you'll have to get inventive and use your paper money in which case, make sure you're always carrying a lot of $1 cuc notes and you don't find yourself spending $50 cucs on shit, or suffering the humiliation of trying to get change or trying to break a $50 cuc note into $1cuc notes while sitting on a toilet in a cubicle after you've already let your prisoners free for a swim. The interest rates in this Cambio are higher. You've been forewarned. You're now forearmed.

So now you know. 


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