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The last 3 days have been kind of weird. I haven't blogged for 2 days now, and that's usually a sign that something is either amiss or I that I'm just too busy, or have nothing to say. 

This is what I mean by "weird". I've been incredibly tired. Every muscle and joint in my body has been hurting. If I go and spend time just resting on my bed I'm riddled with guilt because I feel like I'm waisting precious time and I'm not out there in the thick of it all doing what I do. But then I come to my senses and realise I've only been here for not even 6 days and that last time I was here, the exact same thing happened to me in the first week; Lethargy, soreness etc. I guess it's a combination of all the travel, change in climate, food and time difference. 

Last night I dreamt that I was walking down a Havana street and a headless woman in mans' clothing was walking passed me gesticulating with her hands like a true Latina. In my dream I wondered how the hell she ate food and whether she just shoved it down her open neck. I also wondered how a headless woman can interact in social situations and whether she can project any kind of personality without eyes, mouth, voice etc. Would you want to or even try and socialise with a headless woman? Perhaps if you were a an extremely horny man with no principals. 

I guess that she could get a job as a janitor , but how would she know where the dirt was.? Perhaps a toll collector instead?

Yesterday I spent some time with my friend Yovany, the Tresero and the members of his band. Yovany has invited me to spend a week at his family's country house in Cienfuegos after the 31 of December. His family is the family of the  great and late Cuban singer, BENNY MORE, who is to Cuba what Sinatra is to the USA. I look forward to that. All his family are musicians.

 Yovany told me,..." George, we have a very big pig at our farm. A very big pig which we're saving for you.  We're gonna eat this pig together George." Thank god Yavany qualified the pig with the word " eat ". For a second there I had visions of some weird Cuban Hospitality ritual of Bestial rights and of the "Squeal like a pig scene" in the film " DELIVERANCE ". 

I asked him whether the pig has been informed about this, his metamorphosis from Pig to dinner.?

Yovany said,  the pig doesn't know yet but he thinks that the pig may pick up on some vibe pretty soon.

Anyway, today has just begun. I've eaten my yoghurt with papaya and banana. I've had my coffee. I want more coffee. 

So......photo below..from left to right.. George,George Sam,Yovany and Raphael...PRE GIG.